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Here is what some of Bridget's past clients have said…

In 2011 I worked with Jane from Now You're Talking. She helps people improve their sales, get promoted and generally do better in their lives by learning how to enjoy speaking in public.
We worked together for just 3 months and here is what Jane said:
Three things I really like about Creating What Matters Services are…
1. Helped me affirm the path to take to expand the business, and it is expanding. I have just been asked to run workshops in Australia next year.
2. Was supportive in helping me towards my goals in fact you were great in getting me to accept I just had to do it!.
3. Enjoyed working with Bridget.
Three great benefits are…
1. Good ideas on my approach to the business and I am now doing what I knew I needed to but did not know how.
2. Great to talk clarify things with Bridget.
3. Fresh energy towards my goals. Doing what Bridget pushed me to do, that is where the real value of her support has been.
I recommend the services of Creating What Matters to other people because…
1. Bridget’s experience helped me feel confident about the path my business needs to take in future.
2. Bridget’s marketing knowledge was valuable in helping me confirm my business strategy. The substantial change I can report is reaching my goals of doing workshops.
3. Bridget is very professional in her approach and great to work with.
Jane Thomas John October 2011

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updated 2012


Every business owner has a vision for their business. In the process of working to realise it we sometimes get off track and head to a place that is no longer fulfilling and may be unprofitable.


Questions our clients frequently ask

  • How will a business plan or strategy help?
  • I've got a plan – why do I need a strategy?
  • What's the definition of marketing?
  • What is a marketing plan?
  • What should I put in my marketing mix?
  • What is sustainability in business?
  • What is a sustainability strategy?
  • How can we be a green company or organisation?

Can you clearly explain your business vision to your team?
Would your business partner(s) say the same thing?
And if asked what would your team say?


Clarifying the big questions

  1. Why are you in business? To make money yes, but why this business and not another?
  2. What is the vision you have for your business and your life?
  3. What do you want to achieve?

…will do more for moving your business forward than almost anything else you can do, no matter what stage your business is at.

Not having a clear vision and written business strategy will always cause a business to hit blocks and frequently become focussed on things that keep it very busy, but not achieving targets and goals. Nothing destroys profit as fast as this.


What is your situation?


Here's the thing..

A business ‘vision’ includes a compelling;

  • Purpose (reason for existing) that the whole team can identify with and that is more meaningful than market share or any other measure of size;
  • Clarity about what the business always has and always will stand for (its values);
  • Mission or statement of what we ‘do’ from the perspective of the customer;
  • Measurable goals and objectives.

The power created by doing this work ‘on the business’ drives strategy, frequently answers the ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions and energises the team to do what needs to be done.

Once a vision is clear standards and systems required to achieve it can be created, implemented and improved. Work that is often supported by regular coaching sessions.

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Here is what some of Bridget's past clients have said…

"Bridget, many many thanks for your assistance & commitment to us. I really appreciate how you are helping, Grant, Myself & Harmony to learn, grow & improve."

Brent Mormon, Harmony Homes 2006

"Where to start? After our session I came back and started recording calls and hits on ads, time spent on prospecting…went through a slump… back on track… won award for best results…confident…"

Andy Harley, ABC Business 2007

"Bringing Bridget in from the beginning to coach us in the early stages has been extremely beneficial for us. Initially I felt overwhelmed with so much to do and not knowing where to begin. Each time I came away from a planning session with Bridget, I felt so inspired and illuminated and was clearer on the next steps required.

I presented Bridget with some very challenging issues and was consistently impressed by the intelligent line of questioning she responded with. This clearly demonstrates her wealth of experience and expertise at a senior level.

I cannot begin to explain how important and transformational the exercise of creating values and vision was to us. Everything we do from the way in we relate with our team, our clients, our proposals and customer service is aligned now with our values. It’s so simple – yet so few companies really apply this.

We can measure directly the benefits from working alongside Bridget by the quality and the size of the projects we are now taking on. Our growth has been consistent and we have had to move offices twice. Our turnover doubled again last year.

Bridget is truly inspirational to work with. I recommended her services to anyone who is serious about creating and implementing change and can be contacted to discuss this."

Leanne Popovic, Creative Director, LERO9

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