What’s My Future Path?

What’s My Future Path?


If you want an affordable and effective way to get very clear on what your perfect life would look like then you have come to the right place.


I know some people like the “quick and clean” version and others want all the detail so for the speedsters here’s the main details of this offer:

*      It’s called What’s My Future Path

*      You’ll get crystal clear on what your perfect life would look like

*      It runs over six weeks with one tutorial session of up to one hour each week

*      It’s all phone, skype and email which means you have zero travel costs or hassles

*      We’ve been able to make it very affordable

*      You get full personalized support including a live tutorial each week

*      You also get one on one email support for any confidential queries

*      The program is easy to follow with a simple and effective series of exercises

*      You’ll know what is most important to you

*      You’ll know what you need to start doing and what stop doing to begin creating your perfect life

*      You’ll be guided as to your next steps


I have had 100% of clients doing this programme report it as successfully clarifying for them what they want to do.




Sometimes you simply have to take stock of your life and ask if you are headed in the right direction.


Or putting it another way “ask am I doing what I should be doing or is there something more?”.


People tell me I’ve had an extraordinary life.  No I haven’t climbed Mt Everest, but then I never wanted to.  But I have always worked at work that I love and known that I am contributing in ways that fulfil my personal values and personal purpose in life.


By personal purpose I mean having a clear idea of the one thing I’m here to do.  I didn’t always know what this was, but having decided what it is it brings meaning to everyday.


And I’m clear on my personal values, my work values and can check every decision to see if it is aligned.  What that means is no more indecision, no wasted years of effort and a wonderful feeling of freedom.


That’s why I created this 6 week course

 So if you just want the clarity and freedom that knowing yourself in this way brings and to be able to relax into the joy of each day keep reading.




For those of you who don’t know me, you’re probably wondering why should you listen to me?


Good question!  And I think I have a reasonably good answer. I’ll keep this short because on the one hand I don’t enjoy blowing my own trumpet but on the other you need some assurance that I know what I’m taking about …

·      I’ve  owned 6 yachts and sailed 25,000 nautical miles, 5,00 single handed on some of the most exotic and exciting seas in the world.


·      I’ve acted on the stage with some of New Zealand’s legendary performing artists


·      I’ve written several undergraduate programmes of study


·      I’ve set up and run 2 successful businesses – and one not so successful


·      I’ve brought up my two sons to be open, loving and communicative young men


I live on my yacht in Auckland and work when I choose from my light, sunny office, doing exactly what I love



  Every day I am honouring my purpose and my values


I often get asked to help when people are struggling with a big decision or simply know they are not happy doing what they’re doing.

But for many people the cost of private coaching is out of their reach – which is why I created this effective 6 week course at a price you can afford.


Just so you know this is what the course is not

·         Too difficult requiring specific skill set that take years to develop


·         Too long (who has hours of free time available?


·         Too costly


·         And it does not take too long to work




In short, I created a simple, inexpensive, effective 6 week programme with, easy to follow exercises that ANYONE can do


Here’s what you get with the ”What’s my Future Path” Course

*    A guaranteed, proven effective, simple and easy to follow, process to get clear about your future

*    Access to all the definitive elements that come together to create the picture

*    All the exercises and scripts

*    email support for any questions 

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