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Why would you engage me to support you in growing your business?

  • To become more profitable?

  • To achieve your goals?

  • To improve the engagement and performance of your team?

... because my clients are happy to share their success and recommend me.

Hello, I'm Bridget and for the last 12 years I have been helping business owners build profitable, enjoyable business.

Business that gives them the wealth and freedom they wanted when they went into business.

I understand it's a big step to take on a coach. But if you're here, you're thinking about it.   Congratulations!

I'd like to make the next step really easy for you.  Taking on a business coach is a big decision.  Let me help with that decision.  Work with me for a month and if you are not completely happy I will refund your investment!  I am that confident you will achieve your goals.

This is what Laura had to say after only a few weeks of working with me:

 "At the beginning of 2013, I had the first year of being in my own graphic design & advertising business behind me and was staring down the deep end of another. I had a vision but it was locked away in my dreams and thoughts without a real plan to follow. I did not want to spend another year pushing the wheelbarrow by myself so I decided to speak with Bridget from Creating What Matters to see where her skills could lead me.

 With just a few weeks into coaching, Bridget has been helping me to understand my vision and we are putting it into a positive plan where I feel confident about where I am heading. I find her style of learning easy to follow and I am already feeling more excitement with approaching all aspects of my business. A large part of Brandwagon is referral based and it is important to speak the right language to potentials and current clients, this is something we are focusing on a lot and she is very quick to put me in the right headspace when I start to feel overwhelmed with it all. I have noticed lots of change in myself in just a short time and I can feel my mindset changing to be able to go after those big proposals, be confident in my value to my customers and of course to create what matters in polish design."

 Laura Donegan Creative Director 


Now, one year later, Brandwagon has tripled its revenue and gone from no net profit to 27% net profit.

If you'd like the same result here's what I suggest. Take a bold next step.   There is power in action.   email me now and ask for a complimentary 'Business Turnaround' session.

I'm offering 4 complimentary sessions in March 2015.   If you're reading this it means there are still  2 sessions available.

You will leave the session crystal clear on;

  1. Your Goals for the next 12 months
  2. The hidden challenges that are holding you back – hint they are often NOT what people think
  3. Your next steps
  4. And I guarantee you'll feel energised and inspired

Then if you decide to you can work with me for a month. If at the end of that month you're not happy I refund your money.  That's my unconditional happiness guarantee.

Still unsure?  Read a few more short testimonials here.

TestimonialWhen I began working with James in 2005 he had a 7 figure debt on his business, was selling his home, a business partner  who was not pulling his weight and as you can understand was a troubled man.  In 2012 he is buying his dream piece of land and building a new home, his business is doing very well and he told me:

"While we were working together I picked up tools from you which came together with everything else happening in my life at the time, and I developed a new way of thinking. Also, I’m not scared or worried anymore because I know that everything will be ok.”  James CEO BuMac Engineering

Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain uncertainty or danger. Business magnate Andrew Carnegie said "The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore."



Don't wait to get your Business Turnaround session.  

Every week you wait is a week gone.  

Your session can be on the phone or skype or in person.

Make the decision now to turn your business around.  

My email is     

I'm looking forward working with you to achieve your dreams!


"Bridget is fabulous…..Use her – she clarifies my thoughts and leads me to action through which I have achieved my goals. I am in a completely different place today through Bridget’s coaching”  Johnny, Livingstone Productions 2005

Creating What Matters is a business coaching service that works with you and your team to create a profitable, sustainable business, positive and productive staff and loyal happy customers.

What we do is:

  • Coach you to clarity about what needs to be doneAchieving your business goals
  • Teach you what you need to know
  • Facilitate your team to learn what they need to
  • Mentor you to successfully implement your plan.

"I cannot begin to explain how important and transformational…….

We can measure directly the benefits from working alongside Bridget by the quality and the size of the projects we are now taking on.

Bridget is truly inspirational to work with. I recommended her services to anyone who is serious about creating and implementing change and can be contacted to discuss this.”  Leanne Popovic  Lero9 2009


"Finally a business coach who actually knows how to help her clients."

Heather, Global Engineering  December 2012

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