"Bridget, your advice from our sessions with you has been invaluable – simple and achieveable.  We have been focussing on maintaining our margin, making sure we don’t get too tied up with the urgent stuff, keeping the important stuff front of mind.  The jobs that are coming to an end now are showing good profits – and we’re not stressed."

Victoria Haldane I Smith & Sons Albany

"As director of realchangejobs.co.nz, I engaged Bridget’s services to help me gain a more intimate knowledge of our clients and our offering as a new start up business. To be honest the results and "moments of truth" were simply mind blowing. The outcome is not only of staggering benefit to realchangejobs but it has impacted my own outlook personally and professionally."

Brad Stewart Director Talent Capital and Real Change Jobs, October 6, 2011

"I found when you gave the flat tyre example I was able to picture myself in that story and then it just clicked and I could see my ideal client and I knew what they need to hear from me. Before that moment there were lots of unanswered questions but now it all makes sense."


"Bringing Bridget in from the beginning to coach us in the early stages has been extremely beneficial for us. Initially I felt overwhelmed with so much to do and not knowing where to begin. Each time I came away from a planning session with Bridget, I felt so inspired and illuminated and was clearer on the next steps required.

I presented Bridget with some very challenging issues and was consistently impressed by the intelligent line of questioning she responded with. This clearly demonstrates her wealth of experience and expertise at a senior level.

I cannot begin to explain how important and transformational the exercise of creating values and vision was to us. Everything we do from the way in we relate with our team, our clients, our proposals and customer service is aligned now with our values. It’s so simple – yet so few companies really apply this.

We can measure directly the benefits from working alongside Bridget by the quality and the size of the projects we are now taking on. Our growth has been consistent and we have had to move offices twice. Our turnover doubled again last year.

Bridget is truly inspirational to work with. I recommended her services to anyone who is serious about creating and implementing change and can be contacted to discuss this."

Leanne Popovic, Creative Director, LERO9

"Before I did this program I had no idea who my ideal client for Nostalgic Notions is. I didn't know what my market needed to hear and because of that, never drew the right clients in to my business. With this program, Bridget made it easy for me to understand exactly where to look for and what to say to attract clients! She did it in such an easy manner to understand, and it was very easy to follow the steps. Now thanks to her, I am ready to create a far better marketing plan! And I am looking forward to the next stages! It's been so worth it! Thank you!"

Jacqui Imbroane

"At the beginning of 2013, I had the first year of being in my own graphic design & advertising business behind me and was staring down the deep end of another. I had a vision but it was locked away in my dreams and thoughts without a real plan to follow. I did not want to spend another year pushing the wheelbarrow by myself so I decided to speak with Bridget from Creating What Matters to see where her skills could lead me.

With just a few weeks into coaching, Bridget has been helping me to understand my vision and we are putting it into a positive plan where I feel confident about where I am heading. I find her style of learning easy to follow and I am already feeling more excitement with approaching all aspects of my business. A large part of Brandwagon is referral based and it is important to speak the right language to potentials and current clients, this is something we are focusing on a lot and she is very quick to put me in the right headspace when I start to feel overwhelmed with it all. I have noticed lots of change in myself in just a short time and I can feel my mindset changing to be able to go after those big proposals, be confident in my value to my customers and of course to create what matters in polish design."

Laura Donegan Creative Director
Brandwagon    www.brandwagon.co.nz

"Bridget is fabulous…..Use her – she clarifies my thoughts and leads me to action through which I have achieved my goals. I am in a completely different place today through Bridget's coaching"

Johnny, Livingstone Productions 2005

"Finally a business coach who actually knows how to help her clients."

Heather, Global Engineering  December 2012

Three things I really like about Creating What Matters Services are…

1. Helped me affirm the path to take to expand the business, and it is expanding. I have just been asked to run workshops in Australia next year.

2. Was supportive in helping me towards my goals in fact you were great in getting me to accept I just had to do it!.

3. Enjoyed working with Bridget.

Three great benefits are…

1. Good ideas on my approach to the business and I am now doing what I knew I needed to but did not know how.

2. Great to talk clarify things with Bridget.

3. Fresh energy towards my goals. Doing what Bridget pushed me to do, that is where the real value of her support has been.

I recommend the services of Creating What Matters to other people because…

1. Bridget’s experience helped me feel confident about the path my business needs to take in future.

2. Bridget’s marketing knowledge was valuable in helping me confirm my business strategy. The substantial change I can report is reaching my goals of doing workshops.

3. Bridget is very professional in her approach and great to work with.

Jane Thomas John October 2011

"Where to start? After our session I came back and started recording calls and hits on ads, time spent on prospecting…went through a slump… back on track… won award for best results…confident…"

Andy Harley, ABC Business 2007

"Bridget, many many thanks for your assistance & commitment to us. I really appreciate how you are helping, Grant, Myself & Harmony to learn, grow & improve."

Brent Mormon, Harmony Homes 2006

"Coaching with Bridget has been invaluable

We have worked together to put in place structures and systems that have given more clarity to the business and increased profitability.  

Bridget picks up on business things that I miss (nuances, language, relationship building) She has a great ability to explain things, and re-explain them if necessary in a way that makes sense to me."

Laurence, Nash Design Architecture
View Laurence's work here

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