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What Bridget brings to her work with clients

Bridget is a passionate advocate for fulfilling workplaces. “When the work we do is fulfilling, everything else in our lives improves”.

Bridget Marsh, business coach specialising in sustainable business

She is Director of Creating What Matters (CWM). A niche business coaching service working mainly with small and medium businesses but also with larger organisations and corporates.   She is passionate about the ability of business to meet the current challenges of environmental, societal and spiritual wellbeing of the whole planet and every living being on it and be the catalyst for healthier, happier and sustainable life.

Prior to establishing Creating What Matters, Bridget was a business coach with a national coaching organisation, and before that Head of the School of Performing and Screen Arts (SPSA) now based at UNITEC Institute of Technology in Auckland.

While at SPSA (13+ years) Bridget completed several post graduate degrees including a Masters in Management and loved being part of an organisation that had a purpose, a vision and a set of values that were behind every decision and enabled the school to grow at 12% per annum year on

And before that she was a sailor completing more than 25,000 nautical miles with approximately 5,000 being single handed. She was Greek Operations Manager for Falcon Sailing managing their 4 fleets, villa accommodation and dinghy sailing schools. And whilst based in the Caribbean managed the Moorings fleet of 120 charter yachts in Tortola BVA.

A passionate lover of the arts, the outdoors, the oceans and islands of the world Bridget spends much of her free time facilitating the work of the Pachamama Alliance, an organisation committed to bringing about an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet. And directing a small art gallery ‘okaioceanikart’ representing only artists of the Pacific.

Bridget lives on a small lifestyle block of land with her two sons where she nurtures a small patch of native bush, and cares for the well being of the glow worms in the creek.

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  • Working with people to develop a vision and a plan to achieve it.
  • Developing and building systems.
  • Revealing the assumptions behind your thinking to facilitate new ways of approaching situations.
  • Supporting you to fulfill your dreams.
  • Uncovering the values and spirit in a business.
  • Creating profitable energised teams.
  • Business strategy and business planning
  • Marketing strategy

Noteworthy Personal Achievements

  • Grew the Flotilla charter division of Falcon Sailing from one fleet to 4 fleets, dinghy sailing and villa accommodation in 4 years.
  • Whilst in the Administrative Manager role grew the fully crewed yacht section of Moorings Tortola from 5 -15 yachts in 2 years.
  • Ocean Yacht Master.  Sailed my own yacht across the Atlantic and cruised the Caribbean for 2 years without GPS.
  • Spanning 13 years as the leader I worked with a team to grow a school from a dream of a small community organisation to a full department in a Tertiary institution with over 250 full time students and over $5million gross revenue.
  • Facilitated the successful Search Conference for the Future of the Performing Arts School of New Zealand involving stakeholders from all communities including the city and the government that has ensured not only the success of the school but also the building of a $5m purpose built Performing Arts Centre.
  • Initiated and Facilitated the Strategic re-think process of the Architecture and Design Faculty at UNITEC.
  • Created the first Art Dealership in the world focusing solely on artists of the Pacific Islands.

Client and Organisational Success

  1. Supported the acceptance of the need for specific roles and responsibilities opening up the possibility of accountability and a shortening the working week! – down from 60 + hours to 50.
  2. Developed a marketing plan and advertising campaign which grew business by 60% in the first year at no extra cost to the business owner.
  3. Developed a customer service plan and supported the implementation which resulted in increasing gross revenue by 192% doubling the amount of referral business and a massive 94% increase in profit in the next year.
  4. Mentored a business owner to see that making a profit was important to his team, creating pride and a sense of ownership of the business success.
  5. Coached a business owner to understand costing and pricing and increase and maintain the net profit margin by more than 100% in 18 months.
  6. Supported a business owner to understand how the role he was playing was holding the business back and enabled him to decide on a change to the structure and create the space for his team to step up and play a bigger game resulting in significant improvement in morale and the return of key staff.
  7. Coached an entrepreneur to understand his real talents and make a change towards what he really wanted to do every day resulting in closing one business to focus on the other – now celebrating its 10th year and achieving record sales even in a recession.
  8. Created clarity around roles and responsibilities for staff so that accurate measurement and reporting enabled the staff to know how they could each improve their performance resulting in the business growing their market share by more than 30%.
  9. Created a Staff appraisal Procedure and trained the team in how to use it effectively to create an environment of personal and professional growth and development.
  10. Coached a business owner to step up to the leadership role he wanted.
  11. Facilitated the understanding of Moments of Truth in a business so that strategic and marketing decisions could be focused on what was important to their customers creating business growth through referral business.Facilitated the understanding of ‘choice’ enabling a business owner to understand and create structural tension towards her ideal business.

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