Client Successes

Client and Organisational Success

  • Mentored a business owner to see that making a profit was important to his team, creating pride and a sense of ownership of the business success.
  • Coached a business owner to understand costing and pricing and increase the net profit margin by more than 100% in 18 months.
  • Supported a business owner to understand how the role he was playing was holding the business back and enabled him to decide on a change to the structure and create the space for his team to step up and play a bigger game resulting in significant improvement in morale and the return of key staff.
  • Coached an entrepreneur to understand his real talents and make a change towards what he really wanted to do every day resulting in closing one business to focus on the other – now celebrating its 10th year.
  • Created clarity around roles and responsibilities for staff so that accurate measurement and reporting enabled the staff to know how they could each improve their performance.
  • Created a Staff appraisal Procedure and trained the team in how to use it effectively to create an environment of personal and professional growth and development.
  • Coached a business owner to step up to the leadership role he wanted.
  • Facilitated the understanding of Moments of Truth in a business so that strategic and marketing decisions could be focussed on what was important to their customers creating business growth through referral business.
  • Facilitated the understanding of ‘choice’ enabling a business owner to understand and create structural tension towards her ideal business.
  • Supported the acceptance of the need for specific roles and responsibilities opening up the possibility of accountability and a shortening the working week! – down from 60 + hours to 50.
  • Developed a marketing plan and advertisement campaign which grew business by 60% in the first year at no extra cost to the business owner.
  • Developed a customer service plan and supported the implementation which resulted in increasing gross revenue by 192% doubling the amount of referral business and a massive 94% increase in profit in the next year.