About the Seaweed

So what’s with the seaweed?

I’m really glad you asked that question because I get to tell a story I love.

When working with my brand and web designers Leanne and Robert of LERO9 we talked around the subject of creating, and how the ripple effect of small changes causes significant far reaching effects/results.

I liked the idea of a stone causing waves… But I am really on about reality and underlying causes, getting to uncover the values and assumptions we live by that result in actions and patterns of behaviour. And of course how re-thinking those assumptions and understanding those values can give us the opportunity to make different choices.


Different choices based in reality – different results

So by adopting this ‘creative orientation’ we can have an end result we truly desire. Leanne searched… and came up with some images of kelp and kelp pods.
The image was beautiful, natural and effective. But what made the image perfect was the story of the kelp pod which became the metaphor for my brand.

It was perfect!

Strands of kelp form a community the kelp stays anchored in one spot shifting with the ever changing tides

Until one day the pod breaks away to discover new ground

Released from it’s habitual way of being its purpose is fulfilled and it creates a new community

But what was even more extraordinary was the fact that the images Leanne sourced on the internet were photographs taken 50 metres below the surface of the ocean, by a blind photographer. His name is Bruce Hall legally blind since birth with only 5% vision. From a young age Bruce’s camera has been used as an optical device to help him see, using magnifiers and quality lens.
Bruce’s work is widely exhibited in galleries. In this series of underwater works, he dived over 50m to capture these stunning images of the giant seaweed known as Macrocystis pyrifera. If you’re inspired by this story you can google him and see more of his amazing photography.


Photograph taken by Bruce Hall

Building brand stories

And if you’d like a branding story that works as well for your business as this one does for mine contact LERO9. Leanne and Robert are just awesome to work with. They deliver a result that is so much more than you thought possible by really listening to understand you and your business. Not only that they do it with great care, attention to detail and clear communication throughout the process. They are a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend them. My website is testament to the quality of their work.