The Green Lens



We have a brain that is wired to create conclusions. A conclusion is a mental model, a way of understanding what is going on around us. Once we are focused on something, our brain automatically gathers evidence for it, and how we behave matches the evidence we are seeing. How we behave then influences how others behave around us… Which tends to confirm our original conclusion.


How does this relate to support? Being supportive and creating empowering interactions rests not on what we do or say, but how we are seeing others.

Switching Your Lens

Conclusions are like lenses. Imagine looking through a pair of red lenses. You see red because the lenses are pushing away all the other colors and only letting through red. When we ourselves are under stress, this is often how we see others:


The “Red” Lens



  1. The person will be difficult to work with.

  2. There is something wrong with this person: they don't have their own answers.

  3. I have the answers and it is up to me to give them to this person.

  4. This person's commitment and motivation are questionable. 

  5. This person will be  a drain on me. 




Here is a more powerful, productive and compassionate lens that successful people use:
















Who in your life are you willing to see through the Green Lens?




It starts with you.  With the choice you make of the conclusion you start with.


Are you willing to have it start with you?  With the conclusion you are choosing?  


Starting with the question, how does this person inspire me?    What qualities are you willing to see in your  team?



“Our lives are a reflection of the evidence we choose to gather” 























How might you show them the conclusion you start with?





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