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Million Dollar Marketing AdviceDownload your copy here: MDMA Vol 1 Bridget Marsh

Here is a helpful new marketing resource I thought you would enjoy.

It’s called ‘ Marketing Advice-Volume 1’.

In this guide, marketing expert Graham McGregor invited 21 different business owners from around the world including me, to each share a proven marketing campaign.

Here are just a few of the marketing campaigns that these business owners shared.

  • A tax firm in the United States has a simple LinkedIn strategy that they used to create an extra $10,000 of brand new business.
  • A school uniform company uses a clever direct mail strategy to get appointments with key decision makers and generated over $25,000 in new sales.
  • The owner of a fitness centre in NZ tested a simple mobile bill board that made him thousands of dollars in new sales within a few days.
  • A travel agent in Central America used Facebook to collect great testimonials from their clients. Then used these testimonials to double the amount of referrals and repeat business that they normally received.
  • A marketing consultant in Australia explains a simple webinar strategy that has produced tens of thousands of new sales for a wide range of his business clients.
  • The owner of an online music business wrote one email that took 20 minutes. This email became so famous his business was  mentioned positively over 10,000 times on the Internet.
  • A business coach in Christchurch helped a builder client develop a simple referral system that means that the builder never has to advertise.
  • A marketing consultant in Australia ran a fun competition that created thousands of dollars in new sales within a few days.
  • The owner of a struggling café in San Diego did something super simple to promote his business. This bought in hundreds of new customers within a short time and worked well for many years to positively differentiate his café from all his competitors.
  • A website firm did something very different to market their business. Within a short time they had more business than they could handle.
  • My strategy for growing a small or micro business by identifying and Marketing to only your ideal customer.

Each of these marketing campaigns is explained in full along with details on how they could be used in a number of different businesses.

I am sure you will find something helpful that you can use in your own business.

It’s my pleasure to share these ideas with you.

To your success in life and in business!



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