Company Values

Here’s a question:

What kind of an organisation would you rather be in?

One in which people are able to fulfill their dreams and passions whilst building company profile and profit or one in which people are just the means to achieve the profit?

Our deepest values are wired into us – they are part of our makeup and our spirit and they form part of the dynamic urge – the juice that that makes magic happen.

Harnessing that juice is the most powerful way to bring all the energy and passion of every employee to bear on a company’s mission.

Having a values framework enables you to attract and retain the right and the best people. Values create a cost effective competitiveness difficult to get any other way.

Here’s what Brad Stewart had to say about a values session with me: 

“Literally the session I had was the catalyst to change – the values session. Seems I would rather go fishing than work at the time, hmmm scary because that is exactly what I was doing.  Without a single doubt, this is the best decision I’ve made in my career.  Couldn’t be happier with the prospects in front of me.  That’s something to celebrate  Thanks for all your support and unbelievable patience with me over the days (years).”  CEO Talent Capital

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