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These are challenging times. The speed of change can seem an enormous hurdle and make us think and plan in a reactive way. However given the challenges the world faces I believe the most important thing is to focus on human capacity to transcend circumstance and envision a desired future. Reconnect with what matters. Look at the current situation not as an adversary, but as a starting point on the journey. For any journey to be successful we must know two things: where we want to get to and where we are at the beginning.

There are three types of tools listed here.

The first set help us understand where we are.

The second where we want to get to.

And the third tools to help us get where we want in the way that we want.

Your Guide to Creating Great Guarantees


  • Business Analysis

    Strategic Business Analysis

    Are you making the right decisions about what to work ‘on’? You could be investing a lot of time and money for little return. To understand which area of your business or organisation needs attention right now you could invest many thousands of dollars in analysis.The good news is you can have absolute clarity about where to put your focus for hundreds not thousands of dollars.

  • Company Values

    Company Values

    Our deepest values are wired into us – they are part of our makeup and our spirit and they form part of the dynamic urge – the juice that that makes magic happen. Harnessing that juice is the most powerful way to bring all the energy and passion of every employee to bear on a company’s mission. Having a values framework enables you to attract and retain the right and the best people. Values create a cost effective competitiveness difficult to get any other way.

  • Building Trust

    Building Trust

    New research has found that consumers want to buy from businesses they can trust to look after more than the businesses own interests. Building Trust has become the leadership and business imperative. Speed to market is now the ultimate competitive weapon. Low trust causes friction and is the greatest cost in business and in life.

  • Critical Decisions

    Make Critical Decisions

    Just as we need different tools for different jobs, we need to be able to make both gut decisions and decisions based on facts/data. The Digital Decision process we use with our clients, developed by Robert Fritz, is such a tool. In part, it helps us tune up our gut decision, and expose the factors influencing us.

  • Your Business Plan

    Create Your Future

    A business vision is a picture of the future you are creating, with a purpose beyond profit, a set of values and guiding principles, a specific meaningful offer to your customers, strategies for marketing, distribution and management, goals and objectives and plans to achieve these.

  • Skills Audit

    Skills Audit

    Being able to judge when to develop certain skills in team members and learning what they themselves want to develop is important.
    Getting every member of your team to complete a skills audit is quick and effective way to have them understand the skills they do have and identify for themselves where they need to develop.