How to Sell on Value. And Why You Must Always Build Capability and Capacity first

This article responds to the question “How do I have the right people understand the value of what I do”   More specifically, how can we ensure our prospects understand our true value and are willing to pay our higher price.  This is written with a focus on selling a service, however if your product […]

Discovering Your Core Values

Here’s a fast and fun way to discover your core values.                                                                                                                     All credit to Jim Collins  Gather representative group of employees. Tell this group that there’s a team of Martian anthropologists studying business on planet earth and they’re trying to understand the culture of your company. Each person has to come up with the names […]
Being socially responsible in business

Being socially responsible in business

One of the ways of being socially responsible in our businesses is measuring our carbon footprint – the most common of environmental impacts.  There are substantial benefits in knowing your carbon footprint Identifying opportunities to increase efficiency Reduce operating costs Understanding the risks of your environmental impacts Aligning activities with your policies and values – […]
How to get more customers through social responsibility

How to get more customers through social responsibility

It’s awards season!  And that means reporting on something you may not have put much thought into. I was doing a presentation this week on the programmes offered by Creating What Matters that are eligible for the Accelerate Success funding subsidy and was asked if Social Responsibility in business had any impact on the bottom […]
How to find the Time to do What you Need to Grow Your Business

How to find the Time to do What you Need to Grow Your Business

The news of full of the drought we’re experiencing right now which seems to be extending daily.  The paddocks are dry, there’s not enough feed for now and the threat is that the grass won’t recover in time for strong growth in spring.  It’s the same in business.  I was in conversation with a client […]
Laura with sons Edwardo and Giovanni in front of the house they built

Measuring Success

Each of us is in business to be successful. That’s an assumption I am making when writing this blog.  But have you defined what success looks and feels like for you?  Ignoring society’s assumptions about success, do you know what you are aiming for?  Will you know when to stop? Are you able to distinguish […]

It’s the small things that make trust work

How a simple act of generosity undermined trust built between the owner and a direct report – and how to get the trust back.

High Trust Results

Waitakere City When they called me in 2006 and asked me to do some work with them, John described their need as wanting a culture change. He was confronting the reality (High Trust Behaviour 8) that his firm was not as good as it could be.  He was very keen that his team take more […]