Sustainable Business

Understanding Sales (part one)

Why “how can I sell more of what we have” is the wrong question. As a marketing strategist I am often asked that question – ‘how can I sell more of what we offer”. And I can understand where the question comes from.  You’ve got a great product or service – you just want more […]

Staying Relevant

Relevance is all about what people need NOW in an ever changing world of tactics, strategies, and solutions.

Profit through Sustainability

10 Ways to Quickly and Easily Profit from Becoming a Sustainable Business Becoming a sustainable business is a strategic decision…. When you choose to turn a blind eye to the benefits of becoming more sustainable you are putting your business at an immediate competitive disadvantage, and quite possibly setting yourself up as a target for […]

The fastest way to grow your business: 7 low or not cost steps to take

Social media and a networked world mean we need to change the way we market our businesses. Evidence shows that we believe and trust each other to refer products and services rather than marketing and advertising. The best way to grow a business is not to concentrate all your effort on looking for new customers but to look after your existing customers and retaining them as customers.