The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

With thanks to Kevin for first teaching me this. Intentions are not goals and they are definitely not a 'to do' list. Let me explain it. Remember the expression, "Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it." Asking with strength and clarity is ‘intention’. 'Intention' is one of the most powerful […]
Some Observations on Promotion Approaches at National Fieldays in Hamilton

Some Observations on Promotion Approaches at National Fieldays in Hamilton

Today I walked around Fieldays and observed the different approaches to promotion that I saw.  Note this is a bit tongue-in-cheek! So please don’t be offended.   Read through each one and see if you can guess the one that got the most orders!!   The Engineer Set up a very tidy and organised display of […]

Business for a Better World

Business for a Better World I’ve been on about ‘business that does good and does no harm’ for many years and after hearing Kate Billing speak at Inspire the Fire I joined the Linked IN Group Conscious Capitalism NZ. It can be very confusing to navigate the different terms because there are a proliferation of […]
Why have and why share your business purpose

Why have and why share your business purpose

Why is Business on purpose and with purpose so important? Because it creates a fundamentally happier and more profitable place to work and is the cornerstone of a sustainable business according to Jonathan Porritt of Forum for the Future. The role of a leader and business owner is to win hearts and create the culture […]

6 skills of people who change the world

Let’s start with reality.  Anyone can start a business, regardless of his or her age. But not everyone gets to do it successfully.   And by the way when I say successfully I mean successfully on your terms not anyone else’s.  After growing my own companies and mingling with many entrepreneurs, I’ve decided that most people […]

(New report) Must read if you want to grow your business

Today I’m writing to you about what you must do if you are responsible for marketing and growing your small business. A recent report by Jonathan Gordon and Jesko Perrey of McKinssey and Company. (Big corporation marketing. Not my area really, but it highlighted what I've been obsessing about for the last 10 years or […]

What value do you put on your sales conversations?

I was working with a client and her key sales staff last week and a very important distinction came up. Her sales person (I will call her Tracy) was questioning how much more time the ‘script’ we were working on was going to take her.  Hers is a busy role and she handles multiple tasks […]

3 of the best marketing platforms for 2015

This article is most pertinent to service businesses. You’re a service business if you build websites, do graphic design, help people hire, do massage or pilates, run events, help make events more sustainable, teach wellness, do PR, sell mortgages………. So what have I learnt about what’s working in marketing?  I’ve learnt that in my business […]

How to Achieve Your Goals

I’ve been working 10 + years as a business coach. And spent many more observing people. What’s become startlingly clear to me is that people who get what they want make decisions differently. These people get to experience life and business how they want it. So what is the key? What do they do differently? […]

How to build your business

A business is sometimes described as a series of conversations and relationships.  And I like that description because it is human in scale and nature. However if these conversations and relationships are random acts we don't have a business. So the question is what are these conversations about? It will come as no surprise to […]