5 Thoughts On What Great Businesses Do Differently

1.  They think differently    Great businesses think of the well-being of their employees, create sustainable value for society, solve problems, and still make money, too.  Profits, happiness and success ensue when what you are doing also makes sense for the people – employees, customers and the general public.   2.  They behave differently   […]
How Achievable Goals Are Part Of Dreaming Big

How Achievable Goals Are Part Of Dreaming Big

              For most of our lives, we are asked to compromise our dreams, our values, our hopes for the future, and to learn to live with what we don't actually want. This is called "being reasonable." The assumption that this is based on is that we 'should' fit in, […]
How and why must escape the 'everyone is my client' mistake.

How and why must escape the ‘everyone is my client’ mistake.

Knowing who your ideal customer or client is evolving as you and your business evolve. I recently began an exercise to fine-tune who my ideal customer is and just yesterday it hit me. I'd previously been talking about conscious, small, service businesses.  And I do enjoy working with them. …..And I love working with millennial […]
The energies of 2016 from a planetary perspective - a 9 year

The energies of 2016 from a planetary perspective – a 9 year

It feels to me as if this year is moving even faster than last year so I looked to understand what was happening on a planetary level and have précised the following from Bonnie Schneider.   In a 9 year, we ask ourselves: what are the lessons I have learned or can learn from […]
3 questions I ask when things don't go as I expect

3 questions I ask when things don’t go as I expect

What am I not seeing? What can I learn here? What specific outcome am I attached to that I can let go of and create space for what wants to happen?     What am I not seeing?  What have I been blind to? Is it something in the environment, is it something about customers […]
Lifetime Value

Lifetime Value

    I was working with a client last week and asked her what the lifetime value of  her customers was and discovered that she didn't know how to work that out.  So I thought it might be useful to share here. The term "customer lifetime value" is how much a customer is worth to […]

A real life case that looks at how bringing emotional intelligence to an issue can solve it

    (names changed of course)   Sharon has been in business for 15 years.  For most of those years she hardly paid herself, preferring to put the money back into the business.   Her hard work and dedication has paid off and the business is now successful, turning over a healthy $2.6 M and […]

On aligning Everything with our Values or Doing Well by Doing Good

Recently I made a significant change with my own money, and decided to make its investment consistent with my values. I invested ethically.    Money and ethics aren’t always natural bedfellows, but there is a way to combine the two. In recent years we’ve seen the rise of  what are called “ethical” or “responsible” investment” […]

Defining Success

What is success and what do we mean by it?   When I begin working with a new client one of the very first steps is to get them to define what their life will look like and what they will be doing when they are successful.  This is sometimes a very challenging question.    […]
An old lesson in success

An old lesson in success

“That’s OK I can do that tomorrow”.  That’s the reply I frequently got when I was Greek Operations Manager teaching young engineers their job.  My role as fleet manager was to ensure our guests had the best holiday EVER so they would refer friends and family and come again and again themselves.  And they did, […]