Performing Arts School of NZ

The Situation

From Joanne Kelly Artistic Director
“Our 30 performing arts teachers seldom come together as a team. This was an opportunity to realign the philosophy and mission of the school with the individuals involved who all have different experiences of being part of our organization. For example some have only just started with us and others have been with us for as long as 20 years. We wanted to explore how our Mission influences our behaviours – and how those behaviours affect the experience of our students.

What we did

Through values exercises Bridget very quickly guided the group to acknowledge synergies in their individual approach and philosophy.
Working alone, in pairs and small groups we explored our personal values and behaviours and the power that they have to affect the success and branding of our school.

The Result

As a result the teachers have a new awareness of the imperative role that they play in making the school the best that it can be. There have been no issues or complaints from customers since doing this work.

What they said…

Bridget ensured she understood the culture of this group and very quickly created a safe environment that enabled individuals to speak freely and honestly.
Her carefully planned process led them on a journey of personal discovery – the result of which benefited each individual and consequently the organization. We were all surprised and delighted by this. In three hours and with 30 people we accomplished an extraordinary result – aligning our personal values with our professional behaviours, our mission and our vision for the future.

Joanne Kelly Artistic Director