Manukau School of Visual Arts

The Situation

I was invited to visit the MSVA in April 2009. Enrolment numbers in the school had been declining. Much work had been done over the last couple of years to re-shape the curriculum, bring on board excellent tutors, provide improved resources. All work designed to solve the declining numbers ‘problem’. This had improved the standards and morale in the school.

Subsequently I was asked to facilitate the re-alignment of the school towards a vision that reflects the diversity of the region with a particular emphasis on ‘South Auckland’.

What We Did

The creative alignment process I used involved identifying and working with all stakeholders over a number of days to write a vision that they could and would engage with. My next task was to establish the current situation (reality) in relation to the desired vision. From there a structural tension chart with goals and clear action steps was created.

The Result

A new and exciting vision for a Centre for the Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology and a clear process of what needs to be done to get there. The concept is at approval stage and the Centre will be established in 2010.