LERO9 – Strategic Websites

The Situation

LERO9 is an interactive web design company that specialise in providing strategic web design, online interactive marketing and full ecommerce services. LERO9 was formed in October 2008. It was a strategic merger of two very complimentary businesses. One focused on providing full brand, design and marketing services and the other web and social media development.

The Directors, Robert and Leanne had invested a lot of time in creating systems and documentation that would enable them to optimise their busy workflow and scale their business.

Robert and Leanne are so accustomed to helping their clients achieve their online business goals and sort through complex site organisation but when it came to getting clarity around their own service offering and creating their own website they were stuck. Afterall, the nature of their client base is quite diverse.

Specifically, they were struggling to get clarity around what their core service offering was and how to present a lot of information concisely and clearly. They had also given little consideration as to what the business would look like some years from now and what it was that they each needed to do to achieve this.

What We Did

When I first started working with Robert and Leanne they were unclear about the steps they needed to take to expand their business and were struggling with getting clarity on who their ‘ideal client’ was.

I spent a couple of days working closely with them to create their vision and get clear on what their values are. To define what was really important to them and what it was that they ultimately wanted to achieve. I also suggested that they each undertake an E-DISC profile to get an understanding their behavioural strengths and challenges – so that they could apply the findings to create a motivated and highly performing team.

Over the next few months I coached Leanne to position themselves in attracting the quality clients and projects they really wanted to work with. Given the large number of enquiries they receive we identified the importance of being able to quickly qualify ‘who’ they want to partner with long term and ‘what’ types of projects they want to engage in. These insights along with values and vision exercises enabled Leanne to be able to get on and write the copy for their website.

The Results

LERO9’s business is now perfectly positioned for growth with the demand for their web services increasing. For LERO9 having quality documentation in place now enables them to optmise their processes, streamlining complex projects into more manageable processes. Leanne recently informed me that using the copywriting she had prepared for their website enabled them to secure three large social network sites utilising the latest social media technology. They are now faced with the problem that they have too much work and need to take on staff in the new year – a problem their delighted with!

They have also expressed there interest in working alongside me in maintaining their growth toward fulfilling their vision.

LERO9 will be launching their new site at the end of October 2009 with a comprehensive portfolio so keep an eye out for it!

“Bringing Bridget in from the beginning to coach us in the early stages has been extremely beneficial for us. Initially I felt overwhelmed with so much to do and not knowing where to begin. Each time I came away from a planning session with Bridget, I felt so inspired and illuminated and was clearer on the next steps required.

I presented Bridget with some very challenging issues and was consistently impressed by the intelligent line of questioning she responded with. This clearly demonstrates her wealth of experience and expertise at a senior level.

I cannot begin to explain how important and transformational the exercise of creating values and vision was to us. Everything we do from the way in we relate with our team, our clients, our proposals and customer service is aligned now with our values. It’s so simple – yet so few companies really apply this.

We can measure directly the benefits from working alongside Bridget by the quality and the size of the projects we are now taking on.

Bridget is truly inspirational to work with. I recommended her services to anyone who is serious about creating and implementing change and can be contacted to discuss this.”

Leanne Popovic,

Creative Director, LERO9