Strategic Planning

Facilitator: Bridget Marsh of ‘Creating What Matters’
Venue: Sustainable Business Network (SBN) National Office, Auckland
Participants: All available SBN staff


SBN undertakes strategic planning every quarter with emphasis on whole-year planning occurring in the February meeting. Bridget Marsh of Creating What Matters (SBN member) was asked to facilitate a session on the premise ‘10 years into the future SBN will be hugely successful…’ with accompanying questions as follows:

  1. What happened/changed for this to be so?
  2. What results are being achieved by you and your clients?
  3. What services are members now feeling/experiencing?
  4. How are people working now?
  5. What values were used to achieve this result?
  6. What issues did you overcome?
  7. What relationships were formed with other organisations to assist SBN?
  8. What services were provided to achieve success?
  9. Size/scope of SBN?
  10. Why did SBN take on the challenge?
  11. What are people saying about SBN in the community and business sector?
  12. What is it like being so successful and what has it made available?

Session Details:

Like all experienced facilitators, Bridget began the session by firstly encouraging all participants to stand up, stretch, move around and generally dissipate any fatigue prior to engaging in brainstorming. Once we were all feeling limber, Bridget invited us to set some goals for the day’s session. When these goals were agreed upon, we then spent time recapping on SBN’s vision so as to provide a touchstone for what was to come.

Through introducing clever group and individual exercises; maintaining free-flowing but focused discussion; inspiring ‘out-of-the-box thinking’; and ultimately understanding the participants’ requirements; Bridget was able to guide SBN through a process which provided a solid foundation for the organisation’s 2010 strategic direction.


“Bridget’s expertise ensured that we remained focused and energised throughout the day’s session. At all times, I felt that the group was engaged and interested, which ultimately led to some wonderful insights and results. Thanks Bridget – we would never have achieved such a solid strategic direction for 2010 without your help.”
Rachel Brown, CEO Sustainable Business Network

“Through attending Bridget’s workshop I was able to integrate my personal values with my job, and within the larger business community. It’s important to me to be living my values, so the workshop resulted in a deeper sense of job and life satisfaction and a more effective understanding of my place in the bigger picture. This was so empowering! Thanks Bridget. Your steady and inclusive style allowed everyone to participate as though they mattered.”
Suzy Goss, Northern Regional Coordinator, SBN

“The process that Bridget took us through was invaluable. It was focused, creative, and inspirational and the outcomes we achieved was a cohesive group were far greater than anticipated due to her clever guidance.”
Brenda Harkin, National Communications Manager/Manager: Central and Southern Regions

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