Bu – Mac Engineering

The Situation

Bu-Mac Engineering is a successful engineering firm begun by James Buchanan and Dale McIntyre – both great engineers who loved what they did. The business had grown substantially since they began it and was employing about 10 people.

When they called me and asked me to do some work with them, James describes their need as wanting a culture change. He was very keen that his team take more ownership, be more part of the firm, have more pride in what they were doing. He heard other engineers talking about firms where they had worked as if they were the ‘mercedes’ of engineering firms and he wanted some of that at Bu-Mac. He wanted his guys to talk with the same pride of working at Bu-Mac Engineering.

What We Did

I spent about one and a half days with James and Dale in 2006 working on their vision and their values. Then over the next few months coached them on how they could bring their chosen values alive in the firm. They set some new standards and made changes to some of their systems.

The Results

Asked what difference this work has made to the firm James says: “What happened is that I changed the way I managed the firm. And the change in leadership trickles down to how the guys feel and how they work. I’m freed up to go out and get the sales, and know I have a team of guys who take pride in producing quality work, on time and within budget. Our customers know they can trust us to deliver.”

“Hard to put a $ value on it. We certainly had 24 months of real growth – 33% in turnover and increased margins. I think that growth helped us stave off the current downturn till a few months ago when it got very slow. But now its full steam ahead again.”

On 29 September 2009 James emailed me to say he had just won his largest single contract ever.

What they said…

As the owner JB says ‘getting clear about our values and vision kind of gave us permission to make profit, have fun and grow the business’.

“Bridget is a great coach… we work on our people and our systems / standards. Bridget is intelligent and insightful and I look forward to our weekly sessions”

J Buchanan, Bu-Mac Engineering Ltd