Case Studies

Sometimes hearing what has worked for others is helpful.

Here are some examples of the work we do:

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning every quarter with emphasis on whole-year planning occurring in the February meeting.

    Through inspiring ‘out-of-the-box thinking’; and ultimately understanding the participants’ requirements; Bridget was able to guide SBN through a process which provided a solid foundation for the organisation’s 2010 strategic direction.

  • Bu – Mac Engineering

    Bu-Mac Engineering

    Bu-Mac is an engineering firm that had been started some 10 years earlier by two enthusiastic guys who loved making stuff and were very good at it.

    The business had grown and was turning over close to 2 million but for the last several years no significant growth had happened and their net profit was marginal.

  • LERO9 – Strategic Websites

    LERO9 – Stategic Web Design

    When I first started working with Robert and Leanne they were unclear about the steps they needed to take to expand their business and were struggling with getting clarity on who their ‘ideal client’ was.
    I spent a couple of days working closely with them to create their vision and get clear on what their values are. To define what was really important to them and what it was that they ultimately wanted to achieve. I also suggested that they each undertake an E-DISC profile to get an understanding their behavioural strengths and challenges – so that they could apply the findings to create a motivated and highly performing team.

  • Manukau School of Visual Arts

    Manukau School of Visual Arts

    I was invited to visit the MSVA in April 2009. Enrolment numbers in the school had been declining. Much valuable work had been done over the last couple of years to re-shape the curriculum, bring on board excellent tutors, provide great resources. All work designed to solve the ‘problem’.

  • Performing Arts School of NZ

    Performing Arts School of NZ

    “Our 30 performing arts teachers seldom come together as a team. This was an opportunity to realign the philosophy and mission of the school with the individuals involved who all have different experiences of being part of our organization. For example some have only just started with us and others have been with us for as long as 20 years. We wanted to explore how our Mission influences our behaviours – and how those behaviours affect the experience of our students.

  • Elaine’s Story

    Elaines Story

    Elaine is in her early 40’s. She has done a lot of personal growth work, doing courses, reading books, taking classes, having counselling over more than 10 years. Somehow none of the hours of work, reading, classes she has done were giving her the peace she was seeking. Her big challenge was that she didn’t know if she wanted to have a baby with her long standing partner or not. And not knowing this was causing her a lot of unhappiness. Unhappiness in spite of having a good life, with a loving partner, nice home, travel, a job working from home. Most of what she desired.