2 responses to “Can You Say “No” To A Client?”

  1. Go to Top Ray

    Hi Bridget,

    There is a caveat and that is 'your niche' may not be the one actually suited to 'your business' or 'you'. Secondly, the market may be changing and the niche disappearing, or in the worst case never really there.



  2. Go to Top Bridget Marsh

    Hi Ray

    Thank you for your useful comment.

    You are right there may well be other consideration and ‘the market’ is constantly evolving.  Aligning a ‘business’ with a clear understanding or what is important to you personally and what knd of world you want to live in (values and qualiies including an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence) is work that must be done to create a satisfying and fulfilling business.  Hopefully I enable my clients to get clear on these things first!. 



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