How to get more customers through social responsibility

It’s awards season!  And that means reporting on something you may not have put much thought into.

I was doing a presentation this week on the programmes offered by Creating What Matters that are eligible for the Accelerate Success funding subsidy and was asked if Social Responsibility in business had any impact on the bottom line.

My response was of course a resounding yes.

The big question for many it seems is “I have so much to do why should I care about being socially responsible?”  The answer is – because your employees and customers do.  Increasingly so according to Colmar Brunton research.  It follows that to engage more closely and deliberately with your customer you must know what they care about.  Then and only then can you put in place a social responsibility programme that is meaningful and will improve your profitability.

So how do you work out what socially responsible activities you should begin, what stop and what do more of?  Through identifying your ideal client or customer, their values, what they care about in the world, their biggest dreams, their fears.  Only by knowing things like what’s important to them, what their dreams and aspirations are, what is happening in their lives, can you then design a social responsibility programme that will increase customer and employee engagement and conversion.

If you would like to get clearer about your ideal customer/client jump here and download the mp3 of an exercise that will give you insights into their desires, their fears and what is causing them to lose sleep.  I call it the “Flat Tyre Exercise”.

And please let me know what you uncover. I think this is critical to small business success so keen to hear from you.  If you’ve got a question about your ideal customer or client send me an email and I’ll try to answer it for you.  No charge – my thanks for you reading my blog.


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