Understanding Sales (part one)

Why “how can I sell more of what we have” is the wrong question.

As a marketing strategist I am often asked that question – ‘how can I sell more of what we offer”.

And I can understand where the question comes from.  You’ve got a great product or service – you just want more people to buy it- please!

The better question to ask is – how does my ideal customer want to feel before, during, and after they’ve bought my product?

The reason this is a better question is answered by understanding that yes every customer is different, unique but there are some things that every person wants every time they make a purchase and no matter what they are buying.

Every business is different.  And every customer is an individual.  BUT every customer wants to feel the following – and these apply no matter what your business or how your customers find you including the web.

So before training your sales staff or creating a marketing plan use this checklist for your business and make a note of what each thing looks or feels like for your customers.

  1. Convenience: How convenient is it to do business with you?
  2. Choice: How many variations on your solution do you provide? variation can be in size, length of time, price, bonuses, extras etc.
  3. Value: Customers always want more value.  How do you explain the value of your service or product so that customers see it as more than your competitors?
  4. Customers always want to be treated as important.
  5. Free information: Always more rather than less, but in a way that does not overload them.
  6. To be treated in a professional, friendly and helpful manner
  7. To feel important and acknowledged – immediately.
  8. Different ways to pay.
  9. Professional, organised and clean – no matter what your business or how ‘dirty’ your processes.
  10. Want follow up: In a way that is not intrusive.
  11. To be appreciated, recognised and rewarded.
  12. Products and services that more than satisfy their expectations – exceed them.
  13. Easy ways to learn about the features and benefits.
  14. Convenient hours.
  15. Reminded with promotions and follow-ups that make it easy for them.  If they’re happy with your products and services they will want more.
  16. Enticing special offers and deals.
  17. Ways to give feedback that are easy and anonymous.
  18. Guarantees so they know they are not going to be ripped off.

And finally they want to know, like and trust you.  How you build trust

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