The energies of 2016 from a planetary perspective – a 9 year

It feels to me as if this year is moving even faster than last year so I looked to understand what was happening on a planetary level and have précised the following from Bonnie Schneider.


In a 9 year, we ask ourselves: what are the lessons I have learned or can learn from the past 9-years and it’s still not too late to learn from our experiences through conscious realization, meditation, contemplation, and reflection. What has it all been about? What are our experiences showing us? How are they answering the questions that we’ve been pondering? Our questions are always answered, but sometimes we miss the subtle responses. Do we want to see what is being shown to us or are we avoiding our next step?

Another issue of the year is that of releasing the bonds that hold us in the past. What are we stuck in or just repeating that has no conscious purpose for the future?

What can you change that would serve your higher nature better? What patterns, habits, addictions and attachments are needing to be released?

Ask yourself: what is the source of the greatest challenge or difficulty in my life now? If it’s finances, then look at what you are doing and not doing in that area and what attitudes do you have in that regard. If it’s relationships, what is blocking a finer or better relationship? Look within yourself rather than at another person, for what has to change.

Also ask yourself: what is the source of my greatest joy in my life right now? How can I incorporate more of that because joy is contagious, it radiates and shows the true beauty that you are.  9 is a year of reaching out, extending your boundaries, being inclusive. It demands a universal outlook, which means considering the greater good of humanity and the planet.



9 is selfless and altruistic. It is humble, tolerant, patient and forgiving. Without this consciousness, the opposite qualities will be present. Particularly watch out for pride, narrowness, self-centeredness, criticism and negative judgments of all kinds.

This is a year of completion, and therefore one of transition. This year and next go together as the end of a cycle flows into the beginning of a new cycle: completion and initiation.

For some it will be a crisis time, and therefore an opportunity. Crisis always provides a new opportunity, even on a personality level.

1. The opportunity to learn something in particular, which results in expansion of consciousness as well as more effective living in some aspect of life, and

2. The opportunity to serve along some particular line of expression, thus fulfilling some real need that exists in the world. By serving in this way, we are in fact developing group consciousness because we are sensing a need within humanity and are responding to it.


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