Some Observations on Promotion Approaches at National Fieldays in Hamilton

Today I walked around Fieldays and observed the different approaches to promotion that I saw.  Note this is a bit tongue-in-cheek! So please don’t be offended.   Read through each one and see if you can guess the one that got the most orders!!


The Engineer

Some-Observations-on-PromotionSet up a very tidy and organised display of his brand new product towards the front of his site.  His wife had made a very simple and thoroughly effective video which he had playing and a couple of posters on the wall.

Then he stood back and waited.  When someone showed interest he cheerfully talked to them about his invention and if they wanted to place an order wrote down their contact details on a sheets of paper.  He looked very relaxed and not at all concerned to draw particular attention to his product.

This simple invention of a step that attaches to a post so you can climb over won 2 awards; one for Grassroots Innovation and One for Further Research.  Congratulations to Siegfried of

The Plastics Extrusion Company

The wall is covered with small photos which it is very hard to see and the name of their product in big silver blow up letters which are hard to read.  They have product everywhere and it seems a host of people out the front waving the product in front of people as they walked past.  It looks a bit like an advertisement for a children’s playground.

The New Software Company

Three young men are standing around staring at a screen and talking amongst themselves. Their backs are to passers by. Their company name and the name of their new software is on posters on the wall.  It seems they might be waiting for something to happen.

The Backyard Invention

Two gentlemen have a bench with some boxes on it.  They do not have their brand name or even the name of their invention on them.  IN fact I don’t think it had a name and I should know because I bought one.  They take it in turns to demonstrate their invention.  People are interested and stop to watch and ask questions.  When someone wants to pay they go the next door stand to process the payment!

The Car Sales Yard

Pretty girls offer people coffee and biscuits.  Shiny new cars are everywhere.  Men walk around in suits and VIP shuttles bring guests in from the car parks.  Demonstration rides can be booked and a loud hooter sounds every time another sale is made.

Which one do you think got the most orders? 

Well I couldn’t get an answer from the car yard – they did say sales were going well.

The plastic extrusion company had sold 15 by day 3.

The software company said they had a lot of interest.

The back yard invention said they had not expected to sell so many and would probably sell out!

The engineer on the other hand had 7 pages of orders!

So the quiet, cheerful, and helpful approach without any marketing hoopla won the day!


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