When Things Go Wrong

This month I’m fired up about people.  If you’re team are not all fired up and excited about where your business is going and how they can support each other to get there, you’ve got a big problem and no amount of marketing will make it happen because they will sabotage your efforts – probably not deliberately but it will be happening.

When things go wrong,

We are often quick to jump into blame, either ourselves which makes us into victims, others which gives away your power to them, or the ‘situation’, which is another way of giving away your power.

Here are 3 essential ways for you to own your power with strength, grace and ease in any business situation.

#1 –Seek Solutions Instead of Leaning On Excuses

When things go wrong, resist the temptation to fall into blame, drama or rehashing the wrong done to you. This includes letting go of making excuses to yourself because excuses are a big time-waster that drain you emotionally and physically.

For example, let’s say your business development manager is not delivering on KPI. You don’t hear from them in two weeks and the last time they emailed you, it was to make excuses about why they’re running behind.    What is YOUR part to own in this?

The first time they made an excuse did you say, "okay" and let it slide?

And while it seems natural to feel guilty, please don’t!

You’ll be better off taking a stand for what you want.

Here’s what you can do: Leave a message for your BDM, letting them know another delay will not work for you and you expect them to deliver on the agreed upon date. Give them a consequence of not delivering.

#2 – Don’t Wait For The “Perfect Moment” And Instead Look For The Gift

Waiting for the perfect moment is actually fear (ego) trying to keep you stuck. And while yes, your ego is trying to protect you from whatever it is you fear, in reality, the longer you wait to handle an uncomfortable situation, the more uncomfortable you’re going to feel.

Here’s what I do when I need to take a stand, yet I’m afraid…first, I acknowledge that I am afraid.

Next, I speak with my coach (you do have a business coach don’t you?) about it so I can get an outside perspective and work it through.  I’m looking for what the gift is in this situation. What I mean by the gift – is the learning opportunity.  For example what system needs improving, what is not clear about the expectation I have set, or what actually needs to be changed?

When I am clear on the opportunity for improvement I can take care of the situation, without unnecessary drama or blame, without feeling victimized and without letting external circumstances be in control.

#3 – Stop playing small

Letting things like demanding clients, or under performing team members slide doesn’t serve you.

If you truly want success then you must step fully into your power – as a business owner.  You must “behave” as a successful person would.

The path of being a successful business owner demands that you keep learning about yourself, that you keep facing challenges and growing your confidence. In the end, who you become will be the person you behave like.



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