How to build your business

A business is sometimes described as a series of conversations and relationships.  And I like that description because it is human in scale and nature.

However if these conversations and relationships are random acts we don't have a business.

So the question is what are these conversations about?

It will come as no surprise to you that the most productive conversations are about the systems that ‘are’ the business.  What is working well, what not, and what needs to change or be adjusted.

There are basically 7 stages to growing a business.

But it is important to understand one thing before we progress.

It doesn’t matter at what point you are in your business, there are challenges there. They are specific to your current location on the path to growing your business.

When your challenge is no longer in getting clients, how do you scale your growth and expand your impact, and how do you do that in a way that reflects and expresses what you value most?

As you and your business move up the levels of business development, there arise different problems, exciting opportunities and new questions that naturally pop up that match where you are.

What’s relevant for someone earning <$60,000 per year is not relevant for someone already into six figures.

One of the most important aspects of success is what I call the inner game of business.  That is your vision, your values, your big why and your belief in your vision and your ability to achieve it.  I speak about that all the time, but it is something to return to as you meet new challenges.  For a complimentary “Get Clear Session” email me with GET CLEAR PLEASE in the subject line.  We’ll organise a time for that session.

Second it is critical to implement mindsets and strategies that are appropriate for your current level of business development. Implementing strategies that you are not ready for are likely to put you into overwhelm and frustration and may even cause you to stagnate or worst case fail.

On the other hand, to continue to implement strategies that your business has outgrown will cause you to stagnate and not grow.   That’s why the next step is to start to build your systems.

So, how do I do that I hear you asking.

The first thing to say is it is not complicated, nor does it have to be.

Follow these simple instructions.

  1. Do a brain dump.  Write down everything you do – I mean everything.  If you have difficulty thinking about everything that you do or you have someone do for you there are many online tools.  Google or and you will be able to choose.  However at this stage of your business making a simple list of everything you do should not be too onerous. 

Take this list and sort it into daily, weekly, monthly, other etc.  More of this in the next module.


  1. Use a mindmapping tool. Freemind is free!  This is a more intuitive or creative way to capture what you do under different headings such as marketing, selling, administration, operations etc.


  1. Contact me for some assistance

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