How to find the Time to do What you Need to Grow Your Business

How to increase value when you feel you’re running all the time just to do what needs to be done

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The news of full of the drought we’re experiencing right now which seems to be extending daily.  The paddocks are dry, there’s not enough feed for now and the threat is that the grass won’t recover in time for strong growth in spring.  It’s the same in business.  I was in conversation with a client last week who was full of all the reasons he had not done what he said he would.  So I created a short visualisation or mediation exercise to support the mindset shift he needed to make.

You can listen by clicking on the hose below.

The Garden Hose Visualisation

Recently I’ve been writing about delivering quality as the place we must start if we want to raise wages, raise our standards of education, keep our bright minds in New Zealand and even have enough money to do the environmental cleanups and species saving work that is so needed.

And this has raised a few questions.  One of the questions is how do I deliver value, or increase the value I deliver to customers when I feel I’m running all the time just to do what needs to be done.  I cover this in one of the workshops that has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme (which means you can likely get a 50% subsidy).  The workshop’s called How to find the Time to do What you Need to Grow Your Business and you can read more about it here.

Business, including farming, is going to continue to be more challenging.  There’s going to be increasing competition.  Our baby boomer’s children have completed their education and big OE’s and some of them (thankfully) are returning to NZ to start a business and a family.  These tech and computer savvy generation Y will be doing things faster, smarter and more effectively.  The only way us older ones are going to be able to compete is to continually sharpen our saws and refill our tanks.

I  spent Sunday sharpening my saw and on Thursday I’m off the Marlborough Sounds to refill my tanks with energy.  I always take a 90 day break and this one is a couple of weeks early to take advantage of this glorious summer we are having.  I’ll have some pictures for you in my newsletter!

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