How to Achieve Your Goals

creating-what-matters-bridget-marshI’ve been working 10 + years as a business coach. And spent many more observing people. What’s become startlingly clear to me is that people who get what they want make decisions differently.

These people get to experience life and business how they want it.
So what is the key? What do they do differently?

The key is…….. they make their decisions from the future they are creating.

Let me give a really simple example. If you decide that you want to be a certain weight and you start eating and exercising like someone who has that weight – you will eventually have that weight. (medical conditions etc aside OK?).

And again if you want to get fit and start behaving like a fit person, getting the right amount of exercise, eating correctly etc. You will get fit. Might take a while depending on where you start, but it will happen.

If we have a disease we can take medicine that deals with the symptoms, but most of us would rather take action that deals with the cause of the symptom – if our intention is to be without the disease.

How does this apply to your business?

Well if you want to have a business that brings in say 2 million a year, or 600k or whatever figure you want you must behave and act aligned with that intention. This involves making your decisions as if your business brings in 2 million a year. Making decisions with the thinking of a 2 million a year business owner.

That’s a critical distinction because if you’re not playing from the spot where you want to be, it can prove very difficult to make much – if any – measurable progress towards reaching your income goals.

Making these decisions involves risk and courage. And that is the difference between a business owner who builds a business and a life they want and those that stay small or struggling. Wasn’t it Helen Keller who said “Life is a daring adventure… or nothing”

The one big objection….

does-your-business-support-your-lifestyleYou may have noticed that every time you make a decision based in your desired future business it requires a financial investment. And making this investment can feel like the biggest stretch you’ve ever made. I remember the first time I invested in getting the coaching I needed to grow my business – it was a massive step. More than I was paying myself at the time. But I knew that every successful business owner has at least one and oftentimes many advisers, mentors or coaches helping them make the shift and change, supporting them to make the courageous decisions.

Realistically it is hard to make the decisions from the future you want on your own. That’s where a coach comes in. I call my customers clients – client means to protect. That’s it’s root meaning. So my role as your coach is to protect you —-from yourself sometimes!!!

Being without a coach is not an option if your intention is to create a business that truly makes a difference to your life, the life of your family and in the world.

Finding the money is also not as hard as you may think. Here are some ideas:

  • Use some of your savings – your up-levelled income will make it possible to pay it back and more
  • Borrow money from your family – be sure to agree time frames for repayment and stick to them so that you stay in integrity
  • Take advantage of 0% offers from credit cards – just be sure to create a pay back schedule so your balance represents an investment not a debt
  • Increase your fees
  • Triple the number of people you talk to this month
  • Offer a special one-off service
  • Reach out to clients, friends and family and let them know you take referrals very seriously and honour the referrer

Where else can we see examples of acting from the future we desire?

  • You do it when you take a marriage vow
  • You do it when we take a mortgage on a house that is the home of our dreams

Here’s some things you can do to help change your focus

Instead of worrying or stressing about things in your life that are not working, change that to practices like focusing on what you do want, what is already working, gratitude, appreciation, and intention-setting.

Because even a small dose of focus on what you DO want instead of what you are afraid might happen aligns you energetically with that outcome. That means

  • you are more able to recognize opportunities,
  • you are more likely to see what you want when it appears,
  • more likely to take the steps necessary to make it happen,

and more ready to receive support for making it happen.

If you are interested in some support that will help you create the future you want, contact me!

What is the implication for creating a business that does no harm?

I’ve been thinking about this question. How does this apply to creating a business that does good and does no harm in the now or to the future of life on the planet – that’s my definition of a sustainable business. Every decision must be looked at from the desired end result, doing good and doing no harm. When decisions are made from that place the business will be a sustainable business, for the owners, the employees, the environment and the future of life on planet earth.


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  1. Go to Top Aline Munsch

    Bridget, so true what you are writing about! For years I was saying I want to create an online business and was foolish to think I could do it all alone by myself.

    The moment I started to invest in coaching, realy clarity emerged and now I currently have two private coaches and participate in two other group coaching programs, all helping me and giving me the guidelines to walk my talk.

    And yes in hindsight, with all the money I have invested in my education, I probably could have a fully paid fair size house. But you know what, every penny of it was worth it. I would not be the person I am today, if I had not invested in myself!

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