One response to “Every cloud has a silver lining – it’s up to us to find it”

  1. Go to Top David Thompson

    I had to laugh at your comment “I don’t understand a government that wants a brighter future but isn’t willing to change anything”. I was cautiously optimistic when Key et al were voted in in 2008, but when their response to the global economic crisis was a 9 day fortnight and a cycle track, I damn near turned to drink. They remind me of a possum in the headlights of a car, and now after nearly 4 years of the lovely John’s “aspirational” leadership I have come to the conclusion that he has no vision and not only does he not know where we’re going, he has no idea where we should be or even where he wants us to be. I believe being PM was a tick on his bucket list and he lacks the “calling” of leadership that Clark so obviously had.

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