Defining Success

What is success and what do we mean by it?


When I begin working with a new client one of the very first steps is to get them to define what their life will look like and what they will be doing when they are successful.  This is sometimes a very challenging question.   


First they have never really defined what success means to them and sometimes have adopted what society calls success.  And secondly it requires a level of self awareness that can be uncomfortable because it means being truthful about what is really important to us.


Without a clear picture of success, our thoughts and our actions are often scattered.   Focussing first on one thing, then another.  A little like a rabbit running in a paddock, they turn here, then there and then back again.


Vision boards are very helpful for success.  However the most powerful tool we have to create what we want are words.  Throughout history from Greek and Roman times to the present day, the wisest men and women have disagreed about many things, but been unanimous about one thing.





“We become what we think about”.






Athletes know this – they visualise successful completion of their race or event.  Then they rehearse, they practise, they act and behave in the way they need to to win.  They behave like champions and so become them.  Either they behave and train like a champion or they don’t become a champion.  It is that simple. Artists do it all the time, as do engineers and others who invent things.  They first describe what they are going to create.


This works because the mind is like a garden, it grows the seeds we plant in it.  So we must plant carefully.  We must learn to control our thoughts.  If the mind is full of jumbled thoughts it is like a garden full of weeds.


If you would like to teach yourself how to do this here are six steps.  Start with just one goal – something you really really want.


  1. Write on a card exactly what you want.  Be very clear and specific.

  2. Carry the card with you all the time so you can look at it frequently during the day. Look at it first thing in the morning.

  3. When you think about the goal, think about it in a relaxed, cheerful and positive way.  As you think about it remind yourself that you must become what you think about.

  4. When you have thoughts or fears about not achieving your goal, replace that thought with a positive mental picture of your goal.

  5. Act as if it is impossible to fail.  That means doing everything as if your goal is being achieved.  By doing this you are behaving as if you have your goal and it will happen.  Results are caused by our actions.  I am not saying that it will happen immediately or even how it will happen.  It is important to remain open to it happening in quite unexpected ways.

  6. Finally do not start this process unless you are committed to sticking with it.  If you start without that commitment and stop, you are training yourself not to succeed but to fail.


When you have done this for one goal, do it again for another and another until it becomes the way you live your life.   


Good luck, and as always if you want some help you can email me I would love to be of service to you in this


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