Build Trust in your brand and increase profits

Build Trust as a pillar of your brand The question is; how do I work with my staff, customers and suppliers to build trust? In this seminar we will explore how Trust has an invisible impact on our businesses. You will learn how this invisible impact can be negative or positive …building profitability or decaying profitability. Without Trust business growth will be slower and cost more. When trust goes up speed goes up and costs come down. Truly this is the business imperative for thriving. At this training you will learn the 5 essential steps you can take to establish, build or rebuild Trust in your business. And understand the 4 cores and 13 behaviours that will build trust in your business, with your staff, your customers, suppliers, peers and even with your colleagues and family. The Presenter: This workshop will present an overview of how to build trust in your brand, product or service. Bridget Marsh will be presenting The Economics of Trust at the HRINZ conference in September 2010 and a 2 day workshop on Trust as a Strategic Competency at the University of Auckland Business School later this year and in 2011.
  • Date Thursday 29 July 2010 Time: 9 – 11 am Cost: Early bird registration $69.00 Venue to be confirmed register by emailing
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