Being socially responsible in business

One of the ways of being socially responsible in our businesses is measuring our carbon footprint – the most common of environmental impacts.  There are substantial benefits in knowing your carbon footprint

  • Identifying opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Understanding the risks of your environmental impacts
  • Aligning activities with your policies and values – and those of your customers
  • Demonstrating proactive environmental leadership
  • Product and brand positioning.

If you’re interested to know more about how measuring this in your business could be part of differentiating your business and becoming more efficient (reducing costs!!!) carboNZerocert TM and Catalyst® Ltd are hosting a workshop next Tuesday 11th June.   In this interactive session, you will identify what a carbon footprint is, why and how you would measure it, and importantly what you would do with the results.

  • The workshop will have a component of “how to do” a carbon footprint but the emphasis will be on the value and next steps
  • The value of independent verification and certification
  • There will be a mix of theory and application with plenty of time for group discussions
  • A case study will be  presented  to give a real life example
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to talk about where they are at on their carbon or wider environmental foot printing “journey”, where they hope to go, any roadblocks so that we can help them move forward

Here’s a link to more information

Getting there: see a map here

Sustainable business networkcarboNZeroCatalyst



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