3 of the best marketing platforms for 2015

This article is most pertinent to service businesses. You’re a service business if you build websites, do graphic design, help people hire, do massage or pilates, run events, help make events more sustainable, teach wellness, do PR, sell mortgages……….

So what have I learnt about what’s working in marketing?

  •  I’ve learnt that in my business most i.e. 80 -90% of my new clients come from word of mouth which includes in person networking, social networking and outbound networking.
  • Almost certainly that is true for the majority of my clients as well.  
  • Cold calling has been dead for a long time, but now marketing is having what I call a sea change.  What I mean by that is many things in business are cyclical – they come in cycles but some changes stick. Changes in what is working in marketing are here to stay. The internet has changed everything.
  • Content marketing was all the rage for the last 8 years or so – blogging, creating great content to give away in return for an email address and the opportunity to tell them what you offer.  But content is so freely available now your free give away has to be so extra-ordinary and packed with value that no-one else is offering and you can’t find somewhere else for free.  This is making it much more difficult to get attention. Why clog up your inbox if you can get the information without giving away your email.

So what to do instead?  

  • Service business owners need to use social media to listen to their clients and prospective clients so that they can be responsive to their pains, problems and their desires.  Then your outward communications will be meaningful to them and you will increase your value.
  • Use your communications to build community and relationships.  Blog, vlog, podcast and write or speak based on what you are hearing.  Share what you know and ask for comment, questions and critique.  Be very approachable.
  • Package up your knowledge to make your offering visible and tangible to prospects.   But beware of grouping your clients into programmes and not offering the critical thing that makes you special – your special sauce!  You are a service business, be of service.  Your clients will love you for it.
  • Care, really care deeply about your clients.  And find ways to let them know you care.
  • If you want to advertise as well as building relationships the 3 best platforms to use are:
  1.  Facebook.  Now I’m not a fb person but the amount of information facebook collets about every single one of its users means that you can decide exactly who sees your ads and be very very targeted in your promotion.
  2. Podcasting.  With the rise of smart phones podcasting has become the second best platform to drive traffic to your website.  Of course only do this when you know that your website has a great conversion ratio.  Otherwise this is a waste of time and resource.
  3. Youtube advertising.   Yes you can post great content on youtube, and I recommend that you do.  Apparently globally we watch 4 billion videos— every single day.  So if you’ve got your keywords and phrases sorted post your videos and direct traffic to your website.   Or you can dramatically accelerate your results by advertising on youtube.

If you ‘ve read this far I would love you to do 2 things. 

  1. Firstly review your own marketing.   If you don’t already work out where your leads for the last 6 months have come from.  From that make a list of what is working and what is not. Think about what you want to achieve with your marketing.  If you’re willing I suggest doing more of what you know works for your ideal client and stop doing the things that are not working.  Just because one form of marketing works for other businesses does not mean it will work for you.  You know your clients.

If you would like to have a conversation with me about it, I’m very happy to give you 15 minutes on skype.

  1. Let me know what you think about these ideas.  Leave a comment below.

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