Do I need a business plan and a strategic plan?

Do I need a business plan and a strategic plan?
It is important that you review and update your business plan (objectives) at least once each year. Regular review of your business plan will help you to judge your business success, identify necessary changes and resolve issues before they develop into disasters. A regular business plan review will also help you to develop strong business forecasts for your business, especially when the information is updated monthly. Your strategic plan on the other hand must be adjusted more frequently. This is more and more important as the external environment in which a business operates changes increasingly rapidly. While a complete overhaul of strategies may be unnecessary, it is essential to frequently monitor and adjust ‘how’ you are working to achieve the objectives. The faster you are growing the more frequently your business and strategic plans should be revisited. Read More →
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How to have your business support your lifestyle

How to have your business support your lifestyle
Does your business support your lifestyle…or are you giving up your life to be in business? I hear lots of people who have a plan to retire early and then have the life they want – travel, time for family etc.  And to do that they are willing to sacrifice the present moment.  But to […] Read More →

How to make your team happy?

How to make your team happy?
I was working yesterday with Jo on managing her team and she shared with me that since implementing my daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meeting structure her team has been so much happier!    She shared with me that this system has transformed the business and created a streamlined process uncovering and dealing with the bottlenecks […] Read More →

How to Sell on Value. And Why You Must Always Build Capability and Capacity first

This article responds to the question “How do I have the right people understand the value of what I do”   More specifically, how can we ensure our prospects understand our true value and are willing to pay our higher price.  This is written with a focus on selling a service, however if your product […] Read More →

Discovering Your Core Values

Here’s a fast and fun way to discover your core values.                                                                                                                     All credit to Jim Collins  Gather representative group of employees. Tell this group that there’s a team of Martian anthropologists studying business on planet earth and they’re trying to understand the culture of your company. Each person has to come up with the names […] Read More →

When Things Go Wrong

This month I’m fired up about people.  If you’re team are not all fired up and excited about where your business is going and how they can support each other to get there, you’ve got a big problem and no amount of marketing will make it happen because they will sabotage your efforts – probably […] Read More →

Living Your Values

Holding myself accountable

Keeping yourself energised

3 questions to ask when things don’t go as you expect

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