Profit through Sustainability

10 Ways to Quickly and Easily Profit from Becoming a Sustainable Business Becoming a sustainable business is a strategic decision…. When you choose to turn a blind eye to the benefits of becoming more sustainable you are putting your business at an immediate competitive disadvantage, and quite possibly setting yourself up as a target for […] Read More →
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Join for movement for a just and sustainable world

4 Years.GO Change the course of History Read More →

4 Years. GO

4years.GO The goal of FOUR YEARS. GO. is to build a global movement of commitment and action that will cause a positive tipping point in humanity’s future by the end of 2014, setting us irreversibly on a new path to a just, thriving and sustainable future for all Join me on a journey to […] Read More →

Build Trust in your brand and increase profits

Build Trust as a pillar of your brand The question is; how do I work with my staff, customers and suppliers to build trust? In this seminar we will explore how Trust has an invisible impact on our businesses. You will learn how this invisible impact can be negative or positive …building profitability or decaying […] Read More →

It’s the small things that make trust work

How a simple act of generosity undermined trust built between the owner and a direct report – and how to get the trust back. Read More →

The fastest way to grow your business: 7 low or not cost steps to take

Social media and a networked world mean we need to change the way we market our businesses. Evidence shows that we believe and trust each other to refer products and services rather than marketing and advertising. The best way to grow a business is not to concentrate all your effort on looking for new customers but to look after your existing customers and retaining them as customers. Read More →

Living Your Values

Holding myself accountable

Keeping yourself energised

3 questions to ask when things don’t go as you expect

How I keep myself inspired

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