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A growing business doesn't happen in a smooth upward curve. People and events get in the way.  It helps to have a really easy to follow plan. This is what happens when you have a clear and simple plan and a coach to support you to implement it:

  • Decisions are made more easily
  • You can say no to ideas that will distract you
  • Employees know what the important tasks are and how to do them
  • Everyone is aligned and working towards the same goalGoals are consistently achieved
  • New products/projects are scheduled with adequate time and resources to ensure success
  • Work and life get back in balance
  • AND You get the fun back

"You do stuff…

Instead of just being told what I need to do. You tell me how to do it and actually do it for me when I need it and get me started – make sure I'm on the right road.

The biggest benefit is the personal development of me which translates into giving me confidence to make changes in the business.

I would never have taken the extra person to take that leap in the business.

You're a practical coach – I definitely get a lot of help instead of just being told what to do and you'll build up your confidence.

More the coach that works on the person and the business."

John, CEO, Computerware Plus










It sometimes takes an outside perspective to achieve this.  A business coach provides just that.  Clear direction, clear advice and implementation support.    We are passionate about small business success and clients achieve targets they always wanted but never thought they would get.  It saddens me to see business owners stuck in struggle when it doesn't have to be that way.

You can get your Business where you want it

Hi, I'm Bridget.  If you are

  • Juggling too many tasks
  • Working too long for too little reward
  • Struggling and unclear about how to achieve your goals

I will;

  • Coach you to clarity about what needs to be done first
  • Teach you to do what you need to know
  • Help you do what needs to be done
  • Facilitate your team to learn new skills
  • Mentor you to success  Read More →

"Bridget, your advice from our sessions with you has been invaluable – simple and achieveable.  We have been focussing on maintaining our margin, making sure we don’t get too tied up with the urgent stuff, keeping the important stuff front of mind.  The jobs that are coming to an end now are showing good profits – and we’re not stressed.  


Victoria Haldane I Smith & Sons Albany I  "

Achieve YOUR personal goals

Do you strive to control your life with goals, objectives, and time management? Are your efforts to control events failing, do you feel fearful or angry? If you are finding life a challenge, you are not achieving goals, your life seems to lack passion and fulfillment you may find learning some new skills and tools to put in your ‘how to have a great week every week’ toolkit. Read More →

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